My statement for all children


Claudina Hoff ter Heide

As one scion of a family whose ancestor translated ‘Mary Stuart’ right away from Friedrich Schiller’s writing desk, I am since my early childhood always surrounded by impressive people, who live arts culture and scientific development. So, looking only a little time ahead, I ask, what it is for you and me, when the mentioned children and young persons lack access to education; have not somebody impressive to learn from and play with. I wouldn’t dare watching the bic picture then.. But at Ustinov Foundation ‘education’ is for nothing abstract or vocabulary of aloof intellectual discussions. It means, creating the basis for a behavior that takes place between people. And as I know from some conversation with young adults in Spain, France and also in Germany, this isn’t only of interest in a ‘fictionably’ far-away-land. As Sir Peter Ustinov did, I care about my skill of seeing and act and finding new ways for education. And so, gladly I give my support together with the people at Children-Of-The-World by Ustinov Foundation. Thank you very much.
Foto ©Marcus Wagner, Hamburg