Sophie Schwerthöffer is an outstanding young opera talent from Germany. Sophie has just turned 15 and she already caused quite a stir onstage, in national competitions and even several performances on German television with millions of viewers.

Sophie received voice training in the Ustinov Opera School since she was 10 years old. Just recently the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation appointed Sophie as its first Ustinov Junior Ambassador. As an Ustinov Junior Ambassador Sophie hopes that she can make a difference in the life of so many children in need.

“Without the Ustinov Foundation we could have never afforded my continuous voice training. However, compared to the many, many children around the world who have no chance to receive an education at all, I feel extremely privileged. So I’m happy to give something back and hope that I might be able to help these children a little bit with the song Children of the World.”

Sophie Schwerthöffer

The song Children of the World is Sophie’s gift to all children who (urgently) need our full support, protection and love.
All proceeds from the Children of the World campaign go to the USTINOV #GiveSchool Initiative.
You want to do more? Every child who we can grant access to education thanks to your additional support will be more than grateful.
Thank you so much!

Bio of Sophie Schwerthöffer (PDF)

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